Childcare Professional Development

Are you an Childcare Educator looking to enhance your current skills and knowledge?

Are you a Service Leader looking for a quick refresher for your team or an update on regulations? Well, look no further than our suite of Professional Early Childhood Development eLearning courses. Our eLearning courses have been expertly designed by Educators for Educators, supporting the implementation of high-quality practices and regulatory compliance. We have redesigned what eLearning means, to bring you a sequenced and well-thought-out learning experience. Choose one of our informative online e-learning courses today!

Course Code ME_002
60 min
Online self-paced
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Course Code ME_004
60 Min
Online Self Paced
Coming Soon
Course Code ME_003
45 min
Online self-paced
Available now
Course Code ME_001
30 min
Online self-paced
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Frequently Asked Questions

What professional development courses do you offer for childcare professionals?

Our professional development options cater to childcare and early learning professionals. You can browse our ever-growing suite of professional development modules which will ensure you can maintain your yearly required training or expand your knowledge in interest areas to promote the delivery of high quality education and care. Don’t just meet regulations. Exceed them.

Our current professional development courses on highlight are:

Enrolling into our professional development courses is a quick and easy process. We aim to ensure a smooth and streamlined experience. Just navigate your way to the ‘enrol now’ button and follow the prompts to fill in the required information.

All that we require is a First Name and Surname to feature on the certificate upon completion, as well as an email and mobile number to create a learning portal account to access your online learning materials.

Only our Qualifications and Accredited Training options are ‘accredited’, as this refers to a national VET course of study.

Our professional development courses have been designed by our team of highly experienced experts to help you make a difference, by making it different. We do this by only offering training, professional development and customised learning programs that have been built and designed by educators, for educators.

Enrolling in our professional development courses will support you in your own continuous improvement journey and will aid you in the delivery of best practice high quality education and care. Evidence of professional development can demonstrate a commitment to ongoing learning and may provide the required knowledge, skills, and attitudes to support your career progression and seek promotion.