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Challenging Behaviours 101: Daily Strategies for a calmer classroom

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Course Overview

Children’s behaviour has been growing ever more complex, and there is a growing call from educators working across Australia for assistance in how to respond and support their teaching work in classrooms around the country.

The frequency of children displaying complex and challenging behaviours, as well as their severity is adding to the complexity of the role of educator. In response, and in support of working early childhood professionals, our team of learning designers have collaborated with educators, service directors and inclusion specialists to create our introductory course:

Challenging Behaviours 101: Daily Strategies for a Calmer Classroom.

This condensed online learning course has been designed to support all educators across a broad spectrum of behaviours across all ages, and is intended to build a baseline toolkit of responses and strategies that are readily implementable in the classroom context.

Duration   60 Min
Fees   $49.99
Study Options   Online Self Paced
Commencing   Coming Soon

Who is this for?

In a recent study, we found that there is a need and desire from educators to engage in further professional development opportunities to support their work as educators with over 94% of respondents claiming to need more support. The number one area for professional development support was overwhelmingly for challenging behaviours.

This course is for working educators, service directors and anyone working with children who have complex and challenging behaviours within an early learning classroom setting.

This course will provide key strategies which should be followed by each professional working across the classroom or service environment to support complex and challenging behaviours, resulting in a calmer classroom for all children.

Study Options

Expertly built by our learning design team, this course has been put together thoughtfully to fit the needs of working professionals.

This course will focus on key strategies which will be ready for the classroom.

The following course design will be followed, and learners can come and go as they wish however the course has been built to comfortably be completed in a single sitting if needed:

Introduction: 1 minute
Uncovering the hidden needs of children: 7 minutes
Growth of positive behaviour choices: 9 minutes
How to be a "lifeguard" and prevent escalation: 6 minutes
Building Connections and shifting trajectories: 8 minutes
Emotion Coaching: 12 minutes
ABC of Behaviour Analysis: 12 minutes
Challenging Behaviours 101: Course Quiz: 5 minutes

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Challenging and complex behaviours can take on many different forms and present in different ways. Often times, there are no one size fits all approach, but rather a collection of small key strategies and practices which when implemented across the entire team, will result in a calmer classroom and a decrease in the frequency and severity of behaviour outbursts.

How Will I Learn?

At Making Education, we want to make a difference by making it different.

We have redesigned what eLearning means, to bring you a sequenced and well thought out learning experience.

As you navigate this course, you will find that you have a facilitator guiding you on your journey. This will be used to ensure you stay on the right path and always know where you’re at.

Milestones and modules will also be used to break up the information into bite sized pieces, so that it all makes sense.

Quizzes and questions will provide you with learner feedback, helping you to get a sense for where you’ve been, and where you’re going on the journey.

Further learning and extension activities are also scattered throughout the course to provide you with rich reflection and opportunities to extend your knowledge further.

At the end of each section, you will be guided back to how this might be transferred to an early learning work environment to support you in implementing high quality education and care for all children.

For the best learning experience, we recommend full engagement with the learning materials and following the reflective prompts, questions and further learning tasks which will assist you to turn theory and knowledge into hands on practices and strategies.

Our eLearning modules are indented to provide learners with hands on and real world strategies, ideas and concepts which are ready to be implemented in your current workplace, whether that be a daycare, childcare, early learning or family day care environment.

At Making Education, we also advocate and recommend that once you have finished, you don’t rush on to the next task but instead sit for at least 10 – 15 minutes upon completion to reflect on your learning and let it sink in. This thinking time will support you to more effectively turn what you’ve just learnt into actionable steps to update and add to your current practices.

Underpinning this course are our in-house designed and developed Course Learning Outcomes (CLO’s).

L.O-1.1 To understand the varying needs children may have which could act as a barrier to being able to be included and involved in the educational program.

L.O-1.2 Link an unmet need to certain demonstrated behaviour, and to be able to infer a potentially unmet need from certain behavioural cues within the classroom.

L.O-2.1 Identify what will promote positive behaviours to develop and grow.

L.O-2.2 Identify what will promote negative and anti-social behaviours to dissipate and reduce.

L.O-3.1 Explore what you can do to expediate the relationship building with children experience complex and challenging behaviours.

L.O-3.2 Understand how relationships with children set the groundwork for positive behaviours, and how they’re used to maintain positive behaviour development.

L.O-4.1 Uncover the fundamentals of emotion coaching and identify its uses within the classroom to promote co-regulation in young children.

L.O-5.1 Explore the principles of the ABC behaviour analysis model, and uncover how it can be used in early learning to identify the root cause of a behaviour and inform ways of shifting negative behaviours to more social alternative behaviours.

Being that this is a short course refresher training for Early Childhood Educators, we will be using micro-modules to categorise and break down the information into byte-sized chunks of eLearning content. Each module is designed to contain roughly 5 – 10 minutes of content. You are more then welcome to come and go from the learning, but it has been designed to be completed comfortably in one sitting.

Introduction: 1 minute
Uncovering the hidden needs of children: 7 minutes
Growth of positive behaviour choices: 9 minutes
How to be a “lifeguard” and prevent escalation: 6 minutes
Building Connections and shifting trajectories: 8 minutes
Emotion Coaching: 12 minutes
ABC of Behaviour Analysis: 12 minutes
Challenging Behaviours 101: Course Quiz: 5 minutes

The cost of this program is per learner.
For large group bookings or to sign up an entire team, discounts apply!

2 – 55%
6 – 97%
10 – 149%
15 – 1911%

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This professional development may contribute up to 60 minutes of training.

A certificate will be generated for you upon completion of the professional development.

Important Notice:

As cited by ACECQA – the Early Childhood governing regulator:

“Issues of inappropriate discipline are relevant to Quality Area 5 of the National Quality Standard (NQS), including each of the two standards and four elements. Additionally, issues of inappropriate discipline have direct links to Quality Area 2 and Quality Area 7, in particular:
Standard 2.1: Each child’s health and physical activity is supported and promoted.
Element 2.1.1 Each child’s wellbeing and comfort is provided for, including appropriate opportunities to meet each child’s need for sleep, rest and relaxation.
Standard 2.2: Each child is protected.
Element 2.2.1: At all times, reasonable precautions and adequate supervision ensure children are protected from harm and hazard.
Standard 7.1: Governance supports the operation of a quality service.
Element 7.1.2: Systems are in place to manage risk and enable the effective management and operation of a quality service.”

Ensure you and your team are following correct strategies for behaviour guidance approaches in response to challenging behaviours.

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