The Leadership Program – A Sneak Peek

Welcome to The Leadership Program, a tailored leadership program designed for Early Childhood Professionals where passion meets purpose and innovation transforms the way we build our leadership toolkit. In this program, we’ll embark on a journey to empower you with the skills, knowledge, and strategies to lead with excellence in the ever-evolving landscape of early childhood education. Get ready to unleash your potential, inspire change, and shape the next generation to come.

We’ve been working with Early Childhood providers in Victoria to design and facilitate a contextualised leadership program to support the development of key skills and strategies for the construction of an individual’s leadership “toolkit”.

The Leadership Program has been designed to be a 10-month program, whereby a cohort of Early Childhood Professionals from all career stages meet for 2 hours a day, one day a month for the sequenced 10-month program. The Leadership Program is a safe space to unpack and explore what leadership is and use a process of leadership as identity construction to reflect on and re-imagine oneself as a leader within the early years.

The course has been broken down into four units, as seen below:

Unit 1 – Identify (Designing our ideal self-leadership identify)

February | March | April

Orientation and Teambuilding.
1.1 It’s all so new, let’s begin to identify as a leader.

1.2 Creation of more than just a professional stance.
1.3 Show me what a leader does; Principles, Practices & Ideations
Milestone Activity 1  (Public Speaking – Sharing my philosophy)

Unit 2 – Develop (Building our soft skills)

May | June | July

2.1 Let’s search for gaps in your leadership toolkit.
2.2 Looking under the microscope at our active listening practices.
2.3 How to respond to, and de-escalate, individuals.
2.4 Exploring how language and delivery affect the giving and receiving of feedback.
Milestone Activity 2 (Practice Appraisals)

Unit 3 – Enhance (Creating Powerful Practices)

August | September

3.1 How to lead a team of teachers and maintain passion & drive.
3.2 Providing quality improvement feedback when observing practice.
3.3 What is coaching and how does it work in early childhood education?
Milestone Activity 3 (Running A Team Meeting)

Unit 4 – Solidify (Emerging as a leader)

October | November

4.1 Packaging it all together; Am I a leader now?
4.2 It all comes back to quality improvement, so what’s the QIP?
Milestone Activity 4 (Working on the QIP – Leading Change)

If The Leadership Program is of interest and you would like to leave an expression of interest for future cohorts, or if you would like to explore a tailored option for you and your team via online delivery, then please reach out to our team via:

ph: (03) 9125 1790